Ruth on Stage

Set designer Ruth Neeman on set of Ripcord

Ruth, not herself quite ready for senior living, visits the set of Ripcord at Vokes Players, 2020.

Set designer Ruth Neeman on set of Mothes and Sons

Ruth visiting the Central Park West apartment on the set of Mothers and Sons, 2019.

Set designer Ruth Neeman on the set of Terra Nova

Freezing in the antarctic set of Terra Nova , 2019.

Relaxing after painting on the set of An Inspector Calls, 2016.

State of exhaustion on the set of My Old Lady, 2016.

Set painting weekend, from blue walls to putty-colored bookcases. Mauritius, 2015.

Ruth visits the Connecticut house of Karen and Gabe - Dinner With Friends, 2002.

Descending into Lettice's basement apartment Lettice and Lovage, 2004.

Visiting Lettice's basement apartment in Earl's Court in Lettice and Lovage, 2004.

Scene changes for Lettice and Lovage were "hands-on" for this set designer. Lettice and Lovage, 2004.

Ruth and Jon Sachs (acting!) as befuddled tourists at the Fustian Historical House in Lettice and Lovage, 2004.

In the cluttered kitchen of Mildred's apartment in The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wilde, 1998.

The set designer feels at home in the architect's color-coordinated kitchen in Three Days of Rain, 2005.

Painting the maps on the entire stage floor was the set designer's perk... The Laramie Project, 2001.

Lounging on the deck at the Fire Island vacation house in Lips Together Teeth Apart, 1997.

As the Russian Grand Duchess Olga Katrina in You Can't Take it With You.